Rug Pad

We have top of the line rug pads which can be custom cut to the size you need. Whether for an existing or new rug we have choices that eliminate the worry of pet accidents, spills and rug migration all while being environmentally friendly! So if your rugs are slipping and sliding off your pad, we have the solution.

Why Is A Rug Pad A Must Have?

Rugs that slip or move can be problematic for the elderly and young children. The best approach to prevent that slippage is using a non-slip rug pad that grips and anchors your rug. Our pet proof, non-slip pads are designed to protect your floors from pet accidents and liquids while extending the life of your rug.

The right rug pad keeps your rug from wrinkling and helps extend the life of the rug backing. They also provide cushion and softness which, in turn, dampens the sound of walking across the floor.

Rug pads can help keep your home clean by preventing the growth of mildew, mold and odors by increasing airflow and preventing the growth of microorganisms. They can also shield your carpet from dye transfer and hard wood floors from scratches.

If your area rugs or wall to wall carpeting need cleaning, contact us at River City Rug Cleaning today so we can make them shine!

Latex Free & Spill Proof rug pad