MicroSeal Fabric Protector

MicroSeal Fabric protector will save your fine textile and oriental rugs.  Not only does it give you protection form everyday messes, and accidents like the little one playing with crayons, it will also prevent sun fading from these hot Memphis summers.  In December of 2021 Woolsafe.org wrote an article highlighting a study they did on Luster washed rugs. Which is practically all rugs coming into the US.  All rugs are chemically washed to fade/antique them or just kill any potential pest.  The study said, using a Woolsafe certified protectant (MicroSeal), will Greatly enhance the cleanability of the rug. It will do the same for any textile.

Applying Fabric Protector will provide many benefits to your furniture, rugs, drapes, cars, boats, etc. River City Rug Cleaning can apply fabric protector on all your upholstery items, rugs and give you the best fabric protection available.  Did you know that fabric protector is proven to extend the life of fine textiles, and that it is the only protector approved by the FAA for aircraft. That’s why MicroSeal fabric protector is known worldwide as the Best. Contact us today to get you protected. 901-341-RUGS(7847)

Protected Fabric Headboard