Pet Accidents/spots

Calls about pet urine are the most frequently asked questions. Pet accidents cannot be avoided. By following the tips below you will get the best results when pet accidents occur.

Pro Tips

• Pick up solids. If stain remains, or if it is urine, dampen area with VINEGAR+WATER.
• If the urine has gone all the way through the rug to the back, you will need to have the rug professionally washed to try and remove all of the urine from inside the middle of the rug.
• BLOT area with cotton TOWEL (do not rub). BLOT until yellow stops transferring.
• Place a folded towel UNDER and OVER the spill area. Stand on the area to pull out as much moisture as you can from both sides. Place a new dry folded towel on top, place WEIGHT on it (a gallon of water works), and allow the area to sit untouched for at least 24 hrs to allow for any remaining contamination to wick up into the towels. (Don’t peek or absorption will stop.)
• If you are worried about dye bleed in this area, then pack some CORN STARCH in the area on the topside and cover up with the folded towel. Break up the powder to vacuum it up. Use a soft brush to brush the powder loose for the vacuum. (Do NOT use baking soda on wool rugs.)
• If odor remains, then MIST top side and back side of area an enzyme spray or deodorizer. Enzymes can damage fibers/dyes so do NOT pour them on any rug, MIST only, unless you have Woolzyme from RCRC.
• Prop area up for several days so that the inside fibers dry 100%.

Types of pet spots

Fresh spots
Pet urine goes on warm and acidic, so it penetrates the fibers completely. Because rug dyes are acid dyes this means urine essentially “re-dyes” the fibers yellow and sets itself. If it is not dealt with immediately, stains can be permanent. You can lessen or remove the odor causing elements with the mentioned steps above.

Old spots / Stains
Pet urine (7+ days) go from acidic to alkaline in pH, and this damages rug acid dyes resulting in color loss and dye migration in these specific areas. Repeated urine contamination areas foster fungal and bacterial growth. Left alone these areas will dry rot and become holes. Quick clean up is the best rug care tip.

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Pet Urine Spot