Rug Pads

So, are you done deciding whether to put a rug on your floors and where? Maybe done with choosing the best kind and design, too? Then, you’re finished with the most essential parts but you’re actually not done yet. The next step is to decide whether to include a rug pad or not. Many may find this step unnecessary or unimportant but it’s actually not. This detail provides various benefits for you, your rug, and your overall rug area.

So, what are rug pads and why should you use them? As the term illustrates, rug pads provide foundation, comfort and cushion needed for your rugs. First off, rug pads provide protection for homeowners, and all who will eventually step on your rugs, by making sure that your rugs are in place and anchored properly to avoid slipping, for instance. Likewise, rug pads provide protection for your floors by preventing scratches to your hardwood floors, among other preventive measures. Another benefit of a rug pad is promoting cleanliness and helping prolong the life of your rug. Surely you are aware that mildew, dirt, mold, and unpleasant odors can set in under your rugs? A rug pad can help prevent or lessen the occurrence of such things. And with a rug pad acting as a buffer between your floors and rug, it can certainly help to conserve and extend the life of your rugs. Lastly, but definitely not the least, a rug pad improves the quality, feel, and look of your rug and rug area. Got unwanted grout lines, for example? A rug pad will make sure that such unsightly things will not show and any uneven aspects of your floor will not be felt.

Rug pads definitely have good uses, right? Look for the best fit for your particular needs, are of good quality, and those that would provide enhancements for your rug area. Interested? We have pet friendly rug pad right here in Memphis TN for all your rug pad needs. Written by: empress0503

Rug pads are a necessity for your area rugs. Rug pads help keep area rugs from moving when you walk on them; therefore, it can reduce slip and fall accidents. Rugs pads also help reduce fiber wear on the front and back of the rug. Good quality rug pads will not leave marks, damage your floors or have toxic products affecting the air quality in your home. River City Rug Cleaning rug pads are pet resistant (have a barrier to protect your floors) and are Eco friendly. The materials in our “ECO” products have been tested & approved as “GREEN LABEL PLUS” by the Carpet & Rug Institute. Call us today to order your custom cut rug pads.